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Get Your Business or Product Featured on TV 

Seen on PBS-TV, DirecTV, Dish, YouTube, VIMEO, and other media — MILLIONS of homes on TV & Online!

Sponsor a segment of “Simply Delicious Living with Maryann®

Get "IN" while you can!

Get your Business, Product, Charity or Event Featured on Television! 

A great way to advertise with content driven branding!



• Sponsor Credit  - YOUR LOGO with "This Segment Brought to you By" and/or Custom Product Placement within one segment of the Simply Delicious Living TV Show

•A copy and link of YOUR SPONSORED SEGMENT  for your website & your other PR/Marketing purposes

Your segment will be archived on Maryann's Blog, YouTube, Facebook and other Simply Delicious Living outlets all year long!

Featured Article showcasing your business or product (and link to  your sponsored Show Segment) in the Simply Delicious Living monthly newsletter and other print columns and online media.

•Involvement in other ongoing  PR and Marketing for "Simply Delicious Living with Maryann!"


This $750.00 cross promotional marketing package has a monthly value of over $5000.00! 


Call REC at 818-884-0104 to discuss special deals on multiple segment sponsorships. We want to work within your budget!

Visit and Contact REC:  (818) 884-0104 with any questions and/or for more information.


Get Featured on TV - Simply Delicious Living TV Sponsorships
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